Monday, September 14, 2009

my first 11 sales (well, kind of...)

I now have 11 sales in my new Artfire shop! Well, I "kind of" have 11 sales - 8 of the items were from trading (but getting cool new stuff is sometimes better than money, right?!) and the other 3 haven't been paid for yet, but there are 11 sales showing up in my shop! Yay! (kind of...)

working through it...

Not getting too much done on the "real" hobby room today, but ordering pizza so I can use what little energy I have to get something done. Apparently my thyroid isn't working - my TSH reading came back 3x normal today (high means your thyroid hormone is low - I know, it seems backwards.) This is really weird - usually it stays normal even through pregnancy (when your hormones are SUPPOSED to be out of whack!) Anyway, keep me (and the doctors treating me) in your prayers please. I'm going to try to do something to distract myself from feeling yucky and hormonal... like clean my hobby room and hopefully give myself a positive feeling of accomplishment!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

You can see some floor! (An inside look - part 2)

I worked a bunch tonight and made significant progress - you can walk into the room now (WITHOUT having to tiptoe over things!) Everything (okay, not everything - half the room minus a couple loads of garbage) is in the hallway in sorted out bins for now, that I will then have to sort more to put them neatly into the room. Here's crossing my fingers that the kiddos won't try to "reorganize" any of it!

Here's my bin of partially finished projects. Sad, huh - I'm only halfway through the room! I have the things to finish them all, just got sidetracked (or couldn't find the rest of the materials in the mess!)

And here's the room, with actual floor showing! Oh, that feels good!

I'm off to bed! I'm exhausted and not feeling well (not from organizing, that was going on before - I just couldn't stand laying down and resting and thinking about this mess anymore!!) Goodnight!


An inside look... part 1

Right now I'm going to give you all an inside look at the real Hobby Room as part of my project of getting it functional as an actual space. It's something I normally am afraid to show ANYONE, even my closest friends - Yes, it's that scary! Okay,it's not usually THIS bad (we stashed things before a party recently, so now it's "not even enter-able" bad), but it is normally BAD (like "carefully tiptoe in the few remaining spots" bad)! I have always struggled with organization and keeping a neat house, and have always had "stash" spots like this. AND I have a major passion for artsy/crafty things of all kinds and a love to shop for them. Well, enough of that! I've been reading "Sidetracked Home Executives" and trying to follow a mixture of their plan and FlyLady's plan for getting my home to be a more enjoyable space. The rest of the house is doing great! The laundry is almost caught up (we don't have to frantically scramble every morning for clean clothes) and the kitchen has stayed clean for an entire WEEK (a HUGE feat for our family!) Now it's time for me to have my space that I really need as a mom of 3 young kids. I will be continuing this series with updated pictures. In the mean time, please help me with some words of encouragement! This is a HUGE project for me, and I am easily "sidetracked" (as you can tell by the "theme" of my shop!) : )

I'm OBVIOUSLY going to have to part with some things, huh?! I'll be bringing un-sellable things to the garbage (yes, I'm a pack-rat of junk if it's something I "think" I "might" use someday!) For other things that are in better shape, start looking for a HUGE amount of destash items going up in my Artfire shop soon! I won't be doing this project all at once, so I'll take pictures and list when I need a break.

I look forward to your words of encouragement. PLEASE HELP ME OUT OF THIS MESS!! : )

Welcome to TheHobbyRoom!

Welcome to the new official blog of The Hobby Room! You can find The Hobby Room at Etsy, Artfire, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook. I make a wide variety of arts and crafts, according to my mood and what's going on in my life at the time. Hope you enjoy!